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The BBQ Selection

BBQ Selection Meats

Handmade Sausages                                                             £2.00
Handmade Beef burgers                                                       £2.50
Handmade Pork & Apple Burgers                                      £2.50
 Marinated Chicken Legs and Wings                                 £2.50
Beef and Chicken kebabs                                                      £3.50
Lamb & Feta Burgers with Pea & Mint sauce                  £3.50 
Chinese Pork Steak                                                                £3.00
BBQ Pork Ribs                                                                        £3.00
BBQ Belly of Pork                                                                  £3.00
4 OZ Rump Steak                                                                   £4.00
Slow Cooked Pulled Pork in a rich smoky sauce             £4.00

Sausages and burgers can be served with a baguette or soft roll with salad garnish and onions.


Mackerel Fillets marinated in Chilli & lime                     £2.00
Piri Piri Salmon Fillets                                                         £3.50
Flame Grilled Tuna Steaks                                                  £4.00
King Shell on Prawns                                                           £2.00 each

Vegetarian Selection

Halloumi & roasted vegetable kebabs                             £3.00
Mexican Bean Burgers                                                       £2.00
Corn on the cob                                                                    £1.50
¼ Pineapple Wedge                                                               .75p
Individual Goats Cheese & Red Onion Tartlet (V)        £3.00
Herb Stuffed Peppers (V)                                                   £3.00
Falafel and Hummus Pita Pockets                                   £4.00

Salad Selection

Choose 4 Salads from Our Homemade Salad Selection:

Waldorf salad
Greek Salad
Fruity Moroccan Cous Cous
Coronation Rice
Potato Salad
Bean Beetroot & Pumpkin Seed Super Salad
Crunchy Traditional Coleslaw
Italian Pasta
Carrot & Poppy seed salad
Melon Mint & Feta Salad
Tomato Basil & Mozarella platter
Large Bowl of Mixed Herb and Salad Leaves

£5.00 per head for a 5 salad selection Min order 50


Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy
Strawberries and Cream or Fruit Salad
White Chocolate and Raspberry Roulade
Bourbon Pecan Pie
Cheese Cake
Homemade Banoffee Pie
Homemade Pavlova

A choice of 3 desserts £4.50 per head

The Costs


Should you choose to go for the 3 courses then you have a choice of:
4 salads, 4 Meat & 1 Vegetarian BBQ items, 3 dessert choices for £15.95 per head
Or £13.95 per head for 5 BBQ Selection with Salads or Desserts Minimum order of 30 guests.

All BBQ’s are staffed and served buffet style, prices include all paper ware, wooden cutlery, condiments, dressings and relishes.

However if you’d like to make the occasion more formal then go with crockery and cutlery and waiting /clearing service between course ? This can be added from £1.50 per head.

Or if you’d like the informal relaxed approach but like to upgrade the paper ware we can provide bamboo plates & bowls at a small additional fee. Details/samples on request.

We come with our own Gazebo /BBQ and require an area approx. 10ft Square …..We serve from the BBQ area with the Meats served from chaffing dishes ….we help the guests with their choices from the BBQ and then the guest helps themselves to the Salad table.