Sandwich Platters

We can provide just the sandwiches for your event on quality plastic marble effect platters  – garnished & lidded for easy stacking carrying.

One serving is 4 triangles – these can be ordered for however many required minimum order is 6.

Choose White Bread, Brown Bread or Mixed

Popular Mix Per 6 £18.00

Ham Salad

Brie Cranberry & Lettuce

Egg & Cress

Tuna & Cucumber

Coronation Chicken

Cheese Salad


Vegetarian Per 6 £17.00

Brie & Onion marmalade

Egg Mayo & Cress

Sliced Egg & Cucumber

Houmous Seeds & Salad

Grated Cheddar & Pickle

Falafel & Houmous


Meat & Fish Mix Per 6 £19.80

Chicken Salad

Prawns in Mayo

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Ham & Coleslaw

Brie & Cranberry

Cheese Salad


Fish & Vegetarian Per 6 £18.00

Tuna & Sweetcorn

Salmon & Cucumber

Prawns in Mayo

Brie & Grape

Cheddar Salad

Egg & Cress

Plain Selection – Just the Bread butter and filling! £12.00 per 6 Perfect for Kiddies Parties!

Grated Cheese

Gammon Ham

Tuna Mayo

Chicken Breast

Additional Sandwiches can be added – Costs: Meat £3.00/ Fish £3.00 / Vegetarian £2.80

Discounts are available on larger orders of 50 servings and more – please ask for details

Orders of over £100.00 qualify for free delivery if within a 10 mile radius of Somerton. 
Orders of under £100.00 will incur a £10.00 delivery charge within a 10 mile radius, further than 10 miles will be priced accordingly. If we are already delivering to your area, we will waiver this charge.